Books,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srchThe Intimacy Solution: Life Lessons in Sex and Love

The Intimacy Solution investigates the connection between sex and intimacy at all stages of life through patient stories and research and explores how individual sexuality takes shape and changes over the course of the various ages and phases of life.

What exactly is sexuality and how does it impact our lives? In her enthralling book The Intimacy Solution, Dr. Erika Schwartz presents an in-depth look at how our individual sexual identities are shaped, and how the “norm” differs vastly from what social stereotypes and the media would have us believe.

In fact, Dr. Erika confirms without a doubt—there is no normThe Intimacy Solution walks us through the “seasons” of our continuous sexual development, helping readers view sexuality through the lenses of biology, learned behaviors, personal truth, and culture. Moving beyond Masters and Johnson’s unilateral approach to sexuality, Dr. Erika takes a broad leap forward to explain and shine a light on the impact of the myriad factors such as our delicate hormone balance, life experiences and trauma, and societal expectations as they come together to affect our personal belief systems in what sex and intimacy are at various points in our lives. In The Intimacy Solution, Dr. Erika uncovers the mystery behind the driving forces of sexuality and their impact at every stage in our lives.

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The New Hormone Solution

Stay healthy, stay young, and stay in balance with Dr. Erika’s groundbreaking prevention and wellness anti-aging bible. 

Hormones regulate our bodies and run our lives—when they’re in balance we feel great, look beautiful, are fertile and sexual, and enjoy every moment of our existence. When they’re out of balance, whether during adolescence, pregnancy, menopause, or from medication or surgically induced, it can lead to devastating conditions like infertility, postpartum depression, insomnia, weight gain, loss of libido, memory loss, and unnecessary tests and surgeries.

Erika Schwartz, MD, is the leading authority on hormone supplementation in wellness and disease prevention. In The New Hormone Solution Dr. Erika shares her successful, proven program to help women (and men) of all ages prevent and eliminate the symptoms of hormone imbalance in an integrated and caring approach. Learn what hundreds of thousands of healthy men and women have learned from following Dr. Erika’s unique and caring programs.

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Don’t Let Your Doctor Kill You

Dr. Erika Schwartz believes that today’s patient is but a leaf blowing in the wind of group-think protocols, corrupt medical societies, insurance companies on the take, and billion dollars in marketing and lobbying pressure from drug companies.

What is the quick fix? The answers are here in the ten clear chapters, giving examples every step of the way. It’s a simple process that takes you, the patient, from being a victim to being in charge.
Developing personal self-confidence, choosing the right doctor for you, walking out on the wrong ones with impunity and making the right choices will add up to great health care with you at the center. Follow the plan and the facts and change your life and that of your loved ones. Life is to be enjoyed not feared. This book will put enjoyment back into your life and remove the fear and intimidation from your healthcare.

“Take charge of your health and stop turning over your life to our confusing and intimidating healthcare system–before it’s too late.”

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The Hormone Solution

Hormones regulate our bodies – when they are in balance we feel great, look great and are able to live life on our own terms. When they’re out of balance or changing due to adolescence, pregnancy or menopause, they lead to devastating conditions like infertility, postpartum depression, insomnia and memory loss.
Erika Schwartz, MD is the leading authority on hormone supplementation in wellness and disease prevention. In The Hormone Solution, Dr. Erika shares her successful, proven program to help women of all ages prevent, reduce, or even eliminate the symptoms of hormone imbalance naturally. To date more than 100,000 people have read and successfully followed DrErika’s programs.
In The Hormone Solution, you’ll discover:

  • How to easily identify the symptoms of hormone imbalance at different stages of a woman’s life: Teens, twenties, thirties, forties and beyond.
  • Why your doctor hasn’t told you about bioidentical hormones.
  • The dangers of synthetic hormones and birth control pills.
  • Where to get bioidentical hormones and how best to take them.
  • How bioidentical hormones can help men, too.

“A remarkable guide, easy to understand, welcome news for patients and physicians alike.”
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The 30-Day Natural Hormone Plan

As seen on my PBS special! Dr. Erika with 20 + years of clinical experience with balancing hormones and keeping women and men healthy as they go through different ages has created a highly successful hormone balancing and weight loss program that includes diet, exercise and lifestyle changes specific for each age group and sex.
Every day of the 30 Day Natural Hormone Plan you are given the information to follow in an easy-to-implement format with a journal and information on how hormonal changes are affected by specific dietary changes, exercises, sleep, supplements and lifestyle adjustments.
Easy to follow, interesting and creating an exciting atmosphere that leads the reader to improved wellbeing, the 30 Day Natural Hormone Plan has been read and successfully used by more than 100,000 people.

Dr. Erika’s Age specific supplements are also included in the process of finding better balance through the 30 Day Natural Hormone Plan.
Buy The Essential Supplements For Women from the website as you start following the 30 Day Natural Hormone Plan and join the thousands of satisfied patients and followers of this highly successful program.
“Authoritative and practical, tells women exactly what they need to know.”

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 The Teen Weight-Loss Solution

Dr. Schwartz’s weight-loss solution teaches parents that they must look beyond the notion of managing their teen’s weight problem with an old-fashioned forced diet and address not only body weight, but the whole individual. Parents must make the hormonal connection to obesity for their teen and help their doctor devise a plan that will help their child manage his or her health by monitoring diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices.

Dr. Schwartz also reveals a revolutionary step-by-step, dose-by-dose plan for how natural hormones and supplements can be used to help achieve optimal balance of a teen’s raging hormones for improved mood, energy level, and weight loss. The Teen Weight-Loss Solution offers new hope and a tried-and-proven plan that parents can implement today to start teens on the path to both a brighter future and a lifetime of health and self-confidence.

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Dr. Erika’s Ebook: The Hormone Friendly Diet Click Here to buy today

Weight loss for most women is a constant struggle. Dieting and exercise may work when we are young and our hormones are in balance but as the years start piling on so does the weight.
Thirty years of caring for women has opened my eyes not only to the devastation caused by the loss of hormone balance, but also to the terrible damage weight gain causes to our health, self-image and quality of life.
That’s why I am introducing my new Ebook, The Hormone Friendly Diet. It’s an easy-to-follow 30-day plan that will help you lose weight safely and help your hormone balance. The delicious yet simple recipes are the ones I use at home and I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I do. Please try them, add my supplement program and let me know how you feel at the end of one month.

Helping women of all ages balance their hormones is a rewarding experience and my patients marvel at the results. My ability to get their hormones back into balance is significantly enhanced by helping them lose weight and feel better.

Dr. Erika’s Hormone Solution for Your Daughter

Dr. Erika Schwartz provides parents with insight into the hormonal challenges that fuel teens’ battles with weight and outlines her plan for protection from the perilous side effects of obesity, acne and other areas of difficulty for parents of teens.
An easy to follow common sense guide to good and successful parenting in a difficult age group and time.
“This is an eye opening book for parents who want to help their teenage daughters explore natural methods of safely managing the weight-gain, acne and hormonal changes common to female adolescence.” – Publisher’s Weekly
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Natural Energy: From Tired to Terrific in 10 Days

“Natural Energy’s paradigm-shifting program will change your life. The program consists of simple rules to help repair, recharge, and revive your life. Dr. Schwartz’s system revolves around two safe, clinically proven over-the-counter nutritional supplements. Restoring these nutrients to youthful levels can cure your personal energy crises.”
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